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Coffee for Mother's Day

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Most moms seem to love coffee. 

When I was a teenager (in the late 70's early 80's) the kitchen was directly above my room. In the early morning before school, I could hear my mom fueling up on coffee, while her Famolares clicked efficiently across the kitchen. (Who remembers Famolares? They are basically back!)

When I finally emerged from my teenage sleepy stupor and headed up to the kitchen, she would already be a couple of cups in, cheery and chatty and ready to take on her day (and her moody teenager). 

Well, guess what? Now I am that mom with teenagers. I purposely get up a half hour early to have my coffee so that when they arise I am cheery and chatty and ready to take on my day. 

The only differences are that our kitchen is not above their rooms, and I hate wearing shoes unless I have to. Good thing we are based here in San Diego. 

The other MAJOR difference is that our coffee is much better than it used be, and much, much easier to acquire!

My favorites these days is The Bean's Kona Blend. We recently added Kona Blend to our line up, and it is smooth but strong-perfect to get me up in time to greet my teens and my day. 

A big thank you to my mom, and all the other coffee-fueled moms out there, who love their coffee and their kids!

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