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Coffee Travel

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The Bean Coffee loves to travel. Recently, we brought our family to Panama for 10 days of amazing travel, and amazing coffee. First, we started in Bocas del Toro, for sun and surf. Great spot. Next we took a small boat to a small bus and travelled up the steep mountainside to Boquete. Boquete is known for volcanoes, white water rafting, and fertile soil which is why the coffee is sooooo good. 

Boquete is teeming with flowers. Flowers which spill onto the road, flowers which grow in the sun, shade, and next to the rushing river. There are coffee plantations galore, what could be better?

One of our best stops for coffee was the Cafe Ruiz coffee shop for a few afternoon coffees and a fresh, warm hot chocolate for our 13 year old son. It's cooler up in the mountains of Boquete, with plenty of rainfall, so a nice warm hot chocolate actually did make sense in Panama!

We finished our trip in Panama City, which is a hopping spot filled with music, great food, a vibrant/historical old town, and amazing views from skyscrapers. 

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