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Legends Need Coffee

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Are you an early bird or a night owl? No surprise that people who either/or get up early or go to bed late tend to be some of the most productive people we know. Either way, coffee is around to help fuel you as you push it to the next level. Whether that means an early morning workout, getting up early with the baby, staying up late to finish a project, or being the last one to leave the dance floor-coffee gets it and is there for you. #legends #thbeancoffeecompany #successfuel

Chocolate Macadamia for Valentine's Day

"Valentine's Day is by far the best holiday", or so says my 17-year old daughter. "It's just a celebration of all kinds of love!". In honor of Valentine's Day, and celebrating all kinds of love, The Bean Coffee Company introduced our sumptuous Organic Chocolate Macadamia flavored coffee. Send some off to your sweetie!

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Holiday Coffee

The weather has cooled down, there are fires in the fireplaces, and we are just starting to think about putting up some holiday lights. Coffee is tasting especially good in the mornings, and we are pondering ordering some of The Bean Coffee for our holiday gatherings. A warm cup of organic coffee tastes so good after [...]

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Coffee and Health

Lately The Bean Coffee has been very happy to hear all the new research that points to not only coffee not being unhealthy, but actually being good for us!Of course we knew this all along, so glad to hear that science is finally catching up.A variety of studies have found many reasons to celebrate for [...]

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Ever Seen a Coffee Roaster?

Roasters are cool contraptions-we have a large roaster here in San Diego, throwing out a warm, inviting coffee roasting smell all day.  Not a bad work environment! Not to mention the fact that we can sip on freshly roasted, organic coffee all day longWe also have a rock music station blaring in the background which keeps [...]

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