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5 Iced Coffee Hacks to Up Your Summer Coffee Game

June 15, 2019

Cold Brew Recipes pc: Demi DelTerrera Unsplash

Summer time is pretty much here, and nothing says summer like iced coffee. So, what’s the best way to ice coffee? We’re glad you asked. We’ve compiled 5 iced coffee hacks so you’ll never get bored when the temperature soars.

  1. Cold-brew your coffee
    Brewing cold is said to reduce acidity, which may be what you want when you’re sucking coffee down like a Slurpee to beat the heat. To cold-brew at home, The Bean Coffee offers easy-to-use, no mess Cold Brew Packs.
  2. Go Vietnamese Black-coffee drinkers cringe at the very thought of it, but the vast majority of people (65% of coffee drinkers in this country) take their coffee with cream or milk and/or sugar. In Vietnam, it’s a given. Add a spoonful of sweet condensed milk to your iced coffee for a Vietnamese-style sugar rush that’s rich and creamy, like coffee-flavored ice cream.
  3. Go Thai
    See above. Add cardamom. Thank us later.
  4. Add booze
     Coffee cocktails have gotten a bad rap thanks to overly sweet espresso martinis. But it’s possible to spike your coffee and not lose taste. Rum and brandy are natural companions, as are many anise-flavored elixirs. Since we are from San Diego, we are also pretty big fans of adding tequila.
  5. Add a twist
    Believe it or not, citrus and coffee actually make a great match. Hey, if it works for tea, why not coffee? It gently bumps up the natural acidity in coffee. Pour espresso over a couple slices of lime and some ice and you’ve got yourself a Guillermo. Have it black or with a dash of milk.

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