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The Bean Q and A

Our coffee is gluten-free. If you add creamer products or sugar to your coffee you will need to check with those manufacturers.

We do not make Kosher claims and do not have it certified as Kosher by a Rabbi, however, coffee beans are inherently Kosher because water is the only substance the beans come into contact with during harvest, processing and roasting. If you are drinking flavored coffee it is not Kosher.

Green Coffee Beans are unroasted. They are coffee in its most natural form. You will need to roast the beans in order to drink the coffee. Do not grind green coffee beans in a coffee grinder.

Espresso can be made from any type of coffee bean. Espresso simply refers to the type of grind (fine) used for making espresso shots.

Yes, Decaf coffee contains trace amounts (2-12 mg) of caffeine per serving.

We only use Swiss Water Processed Decaf Beans. The Swiss Water Process uses only water and osmosis to decaffeinate beans.

The USDA estimates that there is about one (1) calorie per 8 oz serving of black coffee. If adding cream and sugar the calorie count will increase depending on how much you use. Please consult the cream and sugar manufacturers for their calorie information.

Arabica and Robusta are two different species of coffee with different taste profiles. Arabica beans have a sweeter softer taster, while Robusta beans are stronger, more acidic, and have more caffeine. The Bean Coffee Company uses only Arabica beans.

Light to medium roasts bring out more of the characteristics of the coffee and contain more caffeine. They will have a sweeter, more floral flavor. A dark roast has a heavier body, more oils, and tends to have a more bitter, smoky or burnt flavor.

No, The Bean Coffee Company provides many different shipping options and just passes the cost of shipping straight through.

Yes!  Powered by Skio, The Bean Coffees come to your door, automatically.  Subscribe, enjoy our discount, and never run out of coffee again.

The Bean Coffee is sold exclusively on our website,, and

The Bean Coffee Company using only natural flavors in our flavored coffee.